why do brides wear white?

The tradition of brides wearing white dates back to the 19th century and is most closely associated with Queen Victoria. On her wedding day in 1840, Queen Victoria wore a white dress, which was a significant departure from the typical colors of the time, such as silver, gold, or bright colors. The choice was seen as a symbol of purity and virginity, as well as a statement of wealth and opulence since white fabric was expensive and difficult to clean.
After Queen Victoria’s wedding, the white dress became popular among the upper classes and was gradually adopted by brides from various social backgrounds as a symbol of purity and a sign of starting a new life together without the burden of past relationships.
However, it’s worth noting that in different cultures, the color white is not always associated with weddings. For example, in many Eastern cultures, red is the traditional color for wedding dresses, as it represents joy, love, and good fortune.
Today, the choice of wearing white or a white-based dress for a wedding is often a personal one and can also reflect the bride’s taste, the style of the wedding, and cultural or religious traditions. Some brides opt for different colors or even multiple changes of clothing throughout the wedding ceremony and reception. The meaning of the white dress has evolved over time, and it now represents many different things to different people, including elegance, sophistication, and individuality.

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