why does Australia have two flags?

Australia officially has one national flag, which is commonly known as the Australian Flag. This flag features the Union Jack in the top left corner (also known as the canton), representing Australia’s historical ties to the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth Star under the Union Jack with six points initially, representing the six federating colonies, and five white stars of the Southern Cross constellation on a blue background, symbolizing Australia’s location in the Southern Hemisphere.

However, there is another flag that some people associate with Australia, known as the Aboriginal Flag. This flag was designed by Harold Thomas in 1971 and is not an official national flag but has become a widely recognized symbol of Indigenous Australians and their rights and culture. The Aboriginal Flag features a black stripe on the top representing the Aboriginal people, a red stripe beneath it symbolizing the earth and the spiritual relationship to the land, and a yellow circle in the center standing for the sun, the giver of life and the protector.

While the Australian National Flag is flown on government buildings and represents the nation as a whole, the Aboriginal Flag is often displayed alongside it to acknowledge and respect the Indigenous peoples and their significant role in Australian history and society.

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