why is kupari abandoned?

Kupari, a former Yugoslav military resort near Dubrovnik, Croatia, was abandoned due to a combination of factors:

  1. Yugoslav Wars: Kupari flourished as a luxury resort during the Yugoslav era, primarily serving as a vacation spot for military officers and their families. However, during the Croatian War of Independence in the early 1990s, the area around Dubrovnik saw significant conflict. The resort, located close to the frontlines, sustained damage and was consequently abandoned due to the war.
  2. Damage and Neglect: During the war, the resort buildings were damaged and looted. After the conflict ended, the complex remained unused and fell into disrepair. Lack of investment and maintenance exacerbated the decay, turning the once-luxurious facilities into ruins.
  3. Ownership and Legal Issues: Following the dissolution of Yugoslavia, the ownership of the resort became unclear. The transition to independent states left properties like Kupari in a legal gray area, complicating the process of restoration and redevelopment.
  4. Post-War Priorities: After the war, Croatia focused on rebuilding other key infrastructure and attractions that were vital to the country’s tourism industry. As a result, Kupari was not prioritized for restoration.
  5. Potential Redevelopment Plans: While plans have been proposed to redevelop the area into a new tourist destination, the process has been slow due to various economic, environmental, and regulatory considerations. As of now, Kupari remains an abandoned yet hauntingly picturesque reminder of its past glory.

In summary, the abandonment of Kupari is largely a consequence of the damages incurred during the war, post-war neglect, legal complexities surrounding ownership, and the prioritization of other reconstruction projects in the region.

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