why is Oklahoma called the Sooner State?

The nickname “The Sooner State” for Oklahoma has its origins in the Land Run of 1889, when the federal government opened up the Unassigned Lands of Oklahoma for settlement. At that time, the area was a vast territory that had not been assigned to any specific Native American tribe following the Indian Removal Act of 1830.
The term “Sooner” refers to individuals who illegally entered the territory before the official Land Run began on September 16, 1889, in hopes of securing the best land. These people, often referred to as “Sooners,” snuck into the area ahead of the official opening and staked their claims. They were able to choose the most advantageous locations, which gave them a significant advantage over those who entered the territory legally on the day of the land run.
The name “Sooner” reflects the idea that these settlers were “sooner” than others in claiming their land, and the term has been associated with Oklahoma ever since. The state adopted the nickname “The Sooner State” as a way to recognize this unique aspect of its history and the bold actions of those early settlers. The term is also used to describe the state’s football team, the Oklahoma Sooners, which is a part of the University of Oklahoma.

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