Why do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday in the United States whose historical roots can be traced back to many aspects of American history.

First, the origins of Thanksgiving can be traced back to the early 17th century, when the first European immigrants (Puritans) came to the North American continent from England and established a colony in Plymouth. During the first winter, many immigrants fell ill or even died due to food shortages and illness. But the following spring, they received assistance from local Native Americans, who taught them how to grow corn and other crops. In the fall, when the harvest season arrived, the Puritans were so grateful that they held a celebration inviting the indigenous people to celebrate and share in the fruits of the harvest. This celebration can be seen as the earliest form of Thanksgiving.

Second, U.S. President George Washington enacted a nationwide celebration of Thanksgiving in 1789 to thank God for His gifts during the previous year, especially for peace and prosperity following the victory in the American Revolutionary War.

In addition, Thanksgiving is inextricably linked to the cultural identity and national unity of the United States of America. Over time, Thanksgiving has become a time for families to reunite, to be grateful for what they have been, and to reflect on what they have gained and lost over the past year.

In modern times, Thanksgiving is primarily a holiday for families and friends to gather and people prepare a sumptuous dinner in which the traditional entrée is turkey. In addition, Thanksgiving also marks the start of the Christmas shopping season, with many retailers offering deep discounts on Black Friday after this day to entice customers to shop.

Overall, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving to commemorate events in history, express gratitude to God and each other, enjoy time with family, and celebrate American culture and traditions.

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