why do cats only meow at humans?

Cats meow primarily to communicate with humans, although they also use meowing to communicate with other cats. The meow is a versatile sound that can convey a variety of messages, such as seeking attention, indicating hunger, feeling lonely or distressed, or even simply greeting their human companions.
The reason cats have developed this specific form of communication with humans is likely due to the domestication process. Over many years, cats that were more effective at getting the attention and resources they needed from humans were more likely to survive and reproduce. This selection pressure led to the evolution of meowing as a means of communication that is particularly effective with humans.
Cats have a unique ability to modulate their meows, making them vary in pitch, volume, and pattern to convey different emotions and needs. This adaptability, combined with the fact that humans typically respond to cat meows, reinforces the behavior. Cats have learned that meowing gets their humans’ attention, and thus they use it as a tool to interact with their human family.
It’s also worth noting that while cats meow to communicate with humans, they use a different range of vocalizations when communicating with other cats. These cat-to-cat communications are generally not as effective at getting the attention of humans, so cats typically reserve their meows for interactions with us.

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